JavaFXGoogleMaps 10.0

JavaFXGoogleMaps gives you access to the maps from Google Maps

JavaFXGoogleMaps gives you access to Google Maps.
You can enter the address of any place in the world, and the program will show the latitude and longitude of the location you have entered, and the Google map of that area. Once on the map, you can zoom in or out by using the sliding bar, or move the map by dragging the mouse.

This program runs under Java, so you will need to have it installed in order to execute it. It will show you a map of Singapore each time you launch it, because that is the country where this program was made. If you move the map by using your mouse, the latitude and longitude will change, showing you the new values for the red tag. But you will not be able to enter those values manually. The only way to ask for a place is to enter the street address, location, state and country, separated with commas. Any other combination could possibly give you good results, but the recommended one is the safest. The program will then calculate the right coordinates by asking the Google Geocoding web service, and will use the results in a Google Maps search, showing you the right map.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It is free
  • You can access the exact map for an address without knowing anything but the address


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